Our instruments

We are specialized in all historical harpsichord making schools; we study any model that may interest you.

Here is a list of our favorite models:
NB: All our harpsichords are designed with a double transposition (392-415-440Hz for northern schools; 415-440-466Hz for Italian harpsichords).

Harpsichords after:


  • Michael Mietke: 1 and 2 keyboards, Charlottenburg, Berlin (around 1705)
  • Christian Zell: 2 manuals, (Hamburg 1728)
  • Christian Vater 1 Manual (1738)
  • Anonymous 2 manuals, with nasard stop (Probably from the Silbermann school, Thuringia (mid-eighteenth)


  • Pascal Taskin: 2 keyboards (Paris 1769 - Russell’s collection Edinburgh)
  • Jean Goermans-Pascal Taskin with peau de buffle stop (Paris 1764-83)
  • Anonyme Ecole lyonnaise mid XVIIIth: Harpsichord 2 keyboards of the castle of Assas (Montpellier).


  • G-B. Giusti, 1 manual, Lucca 1681 chromatically reworked from AA - d’’’
  • Carlo Grimaldi 1 manual 1697, chromatically restored from GG - d’’’
  • Renaissance polygonal spinet, from Domenico da Pesaro (Pisaurensensis) 1540


  • Ruckers Antwerp 1624 (restored in the eighteenth) 2 manuals GG - e’’’. ( Colmar’ Ruckers)

Choosing your harpsichord (download PDF)

Our collection of «Four Seasons Alpestres»

A unique collection of four harpsichords, each embodying a different season, is currently being built. Beautifully decorated, the winter and summer harpsichords have already been created and are available for hire.
See the Four Seasons


We will soon relaunch a small serie of five instruments of our "excellence" model with 1 manual. This instrument was developed from the well-known harpsichord of Christian Vater (1738). Equipped with 2 x 8' and a lute stop, it is also transposable from 392-415-440 Hz. It is an ideal size for good bass but also to be moved or transportable in a car ( Long: Approx. 2,15m, width 0.90m height 27cm). For ease of transport and assembly, the standard model comes with just 3 feet screwed directly under the case.
(See presentation file)


In case you have an instrument for sale, we suggest you place an add here. Only instruments of artisanal quality according to historical schools will be taken into consideration (industrial German marks of the years 1960-80 or kits of all brands excluded). Please contact us via our form to know our conditions.

We offer below documents concerning harpsichord maintenance or an order form (strings, plectrums, etc.)